Fr. Geoff Rose, OSFS

Frose Order 1 (1)

"I think far too many people see God's invitation to be in a loving relationship with them as something more like:
' Be my friend, or I'll kill you! '
That's not a relationship, that's a threat. A pretty good one, by the way, but a threat nonetheless. The God who made us, and loves us, is calling us to be our best selves."

Who he is - born and raised in Adrian, Michigan. He went off to college to become a teacher, and hoped to come back to Adrian in time to replace one of his favorite teacher/mentor, Mr. Esterline. But at college he discovered campaigns, elections and politics and spent several years in these fields. Elected Student Body Vice President, then President, then to the City Council of Ypsilanti, Michigan. The following year was elected Vice-Mayor, at the age of 22. How he left elected politics can be learned in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, Volume 10.(No kidding!) From there he ran a Poltical Action Committee, a targeted State repreentative race, and finally settled into the district office of a U.S. Congresswoman serving as her Senior Field Representative. After three years of this work, and feeling that something was missing from his life, he decided to pursure a different kind of public service, religious life with the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. He was professed in 1998, ordained in 2002 and has been so blessed to be a part of so many people's lives as a result of his studies and ministries!

What he does - currently he is President of St. Francis de Sales School, an all-boys school with grades 7-12, in Toledo, Ohio. Prior to coming to St. Francis in 2013 he served 12 years at Lumen Christi High School in Jackson, Michigan as a teacher and priest. 
Additional ministries include: 
• Weekend associate at St. John XXIII parish in Perrysburg, Ohio
• Chaplain of the Lingap Center, in the Philippines 
• Director and chaplain for Catholic HEART Workcamp 

Interesting facts - • I have no Rose relation(only son of an only son….) • I was 1st in my class all the way through formation(I was only one in my class) • I drove a van in a US Vice-Presidential motorcade • spent some time with "The Football" • Was charged .01¢ by Budget Rent A Car when I returned a car that they claimed did not have a full gas tank. •spent Christmas day of 2012 in 4 different states •  have fulfilled all my goals set in my Senior year of high school, except one (Screen Actors Guild member) 

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