Why Mark 5:11 ?!?


If you have looked it up, you are probably a bit confused. Perhaps you assumed we meant Matthew 5:11. Back in 1983 when Fr. Joe and Fr. Geoff were in 8th grade, they discovered this verse. They found it humorous that while many individual scripture verses are VERY important, like John 3:16, this one actually contained nothing particularly crucial. So they set about to “share” this verse, by writing it on people’s folders at retreats, and mentioning it in conversation. (They even dreamed of the day they could hold it up at a large sporting event!)

In reality, why they liked the verse was that it reminded them of the joy of God. And while Nehemiah 8:10 clearly states, “The joy of the Lord is my strength," spelling Nehemiah can be tricky, so we would have to buy all variant-spelling domain names, including "KneeOhMyAh810 dot com."  But mark511.com is very easy to spell and remember!

So if the Joy of God is an important part of your faith, consider yourself a part of Mark 5:11 Ministries. And help us spread the joy!

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